About Me

I’m Les, and I’ve got a genuine passion for Go that I’ve been nurturing since the early 2000s. The purpose of my site, HowToPlayGoForBeginners, isn’t just about teaching the rules of this incredible game; it’s also about sharing the fascination and strategic depth that Go offers to everyone, especially those just starting out.

You’re going to find out about my own climb through the ranks of Go gameplay, where I currently stand at a skill level of around 5k to 6k. This is a reflection of my devotion to the game and symbolizes the knowledge that I’ve gathered over time and which I’m eager to pass on to you.

Now, what is a Go server? It’s a platform where players from all over the world come together to compete and learn. I’m well-versed in navigating through many of them, such as KGS, OGS, Tygem, and the Fox Go Server. Each of these platforms has contributed to my expertise and understanding of Go, enhancing the skills I’m here to help you with.

Our journey will unfold as we walk through my history of lessons and discoveries in Go. Prepare to delve into experiences that will not only teach you how to play but will also instill a deeper appreciation for the culture and strategy behind the game.

Learning from the Best in Go

I’ve always believed that to truly excel at something, you need to learn from experts. That’s why I count myself incredibly fortunate to have been mentored by one of the best in the game, Alexandre Dinerchtein, a 3-dan professional (3P) Go player. Our journey together started at a local go club and later transitioned to the online realm.

The shift to online lessons didn’t just fit our schedules better; it also opened up a whole new world of learning opportunities. With Alexandre’s guidance, my understanding of Go deepened, transforming the way I approached the game both strategically and philosophically.

Professional players, like Alexandre, offer a wealth of knowledge that is hard to find elsewhere. During our teaching games, he would unveil the subtleties of Go that are often hidden to casual players. These insights have greatly influenced my play style and teaching methodology, which you’ll notice in my tailored tutorials for beginners.

But my education in Go didn’t stop with formal lessons. I relish the challenge of playing teaching games against other professional players as well. These experiences are not just lessons in strategy but also in humility and perseverance – essential qualities for any Go player looking to improve.

My approach to learning and teaching Go emphasizes understanding the ‘why’ behind each move. It’s about building a foundation of solid Go strategy that can evolve with each game played. I’m enthusiastic about passing on the lessons learned from professionals to players who are just discovering the beauty of this ancient game.

Sharing Knowledge and Passion

I created HowToPlayGoForBeginners because I want to share the excitement and depth that Go offers to everyone, especially if you’re just starting out. It’s a game of endless possibilities, and I’m here to help you navigate its complexities.

On my Wallerdog Youtube channel, you’ll find a treasure trove of Go lessons and teaching games that I’ve participated in. These resources are crafted to be accessible, providing you with practical strategies and insights that you can apply right away.

But this isn’t just about watching videos; it’s also about building a community. I invite you to join fellow learners and enthusiasts in discovering the joys of Go. Whether it’s through interactive tutorials or engaging discussions, we’re on this journey together.

Remember, your first attempt doesn’t need to be your last. It’s perfectly okay to make mistakes as they are stepping stones to mastery. I encourage you to be persistent, stay curious, and above all, enjoy the process of learning this beautiful game.

I really hope that you take the first step towards your Go journey with HowToPlayGoForBeginners. Choose something that resonates with you from the variety of content and always feel free to reach out with your questions or feedback; I’m here to help you grow.

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to seeing you on the board!